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Until 31.12.2023.
Bariatric surgery
at a special price!

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Why to choose bariatric surgery at the International Bariatric Center of Excellence

  • Our surgeons have outstanding experience, have performed more than 2,800 operations, and are trusted by patients from more than 15 countries.
  • Dr. Igors Troickis and Dr. Maksims Mukāns are members of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO) and the Lithuanian Bariatric Surgery Society.
  • The main value is patient safety, which is achieved by the following standards:
    1. All surgeons regularly update their knowledge and skills at bariatric congresses and trainings, as well as share their experience with colleagues.
    2. During surgery, bleeding and blood flow tests are done, as well as subtypes of classical surgeries are performed providing safer manipulations.
    3. The latest generation of ultrasonic surgical devices are used.
    4. Patients are observed during the first postoperative year and every year afterwards.
    6. Internal audit is regularly conducted analysing clinical data and video recordings of operations.
  • A professional bariatric team (more than 25 health professionals) takes care of a patient from the first consultation to reaching the desired results and beyond.
  • Pre-operative health assessment is provided at your convenience during any working day in one place – at AIWA Clinic.

What is bariatric surgery?

Bariatric operation helps to change body’s digestion processes, contributing to weight loss.
Bariatric surgery is a modern, safe, and effective treatment method for obesity and metabolic disorders. After bariatric surgery, patient takes in and digests less food, thus surplus does not accumulate in body, allowing to lose up to 80% of excess weight within the first year after surgery. Bariatric surgery can improve the quality of life! One of the types of bariatric surgeries is the gastric balloon placement procedure.
Special offer until 31.12.2023 – gastric bypass and other weight-loss surgeries, known as bariatric operations – at a special price 3380 EUR (for LV residents). Promotion valid with card Veselība.

Stories of the patients

The patient's path to a new life without extra kilograms and with them related diseases


Frequently asked questions

Is bariatric surgery safe?

Bariatric surgery for treatment of obesity is very popular in the developed countries, especially in the United States, where this method has been used for more than twenty-five years and 98% of the patients are satisfied with the results. During these years, the bariatric method has been perfected. Latvian residents who are unable to get rid of extra kilos for a long time choose to have this operation more and more often.

How long does bariatric surgery take?

At our clinic, bariatric surgery lasts 105 minutes on average. About 9% of operations last 85 minutes, while 2-3% of operations last longer than 180 minutes.

What is cost of bariatric surgery?

At our clinic until 31.12.2023, stomach reduction and transformation surgery, or bariatric surgery, is provided at a special price – 3,950 EUR (for LV residents). Promotion valid with card Veselība.

The cost includes surgery (3380 EUR), anaesthesia (264 EUR), anaesthesiologist and nutritionist consultations (45 EUR and 77 EUR), post-operative tests, two bed-days in the hospital.

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Bariatric surgery at a special price!

AIWA Clinic offers gastric reduction and reshaping surgery or bariatric surgery for only 3950 EUR.*

After bariatric surgery, people:

  • lose up to 80% of excess weight within 24 months;
  • improves physical well-being;
  • 60% of cases are cured of type II diabetes;
  • reduces the risk of joint, cardiovascular and vascular diseases;
  • most diseases related to excess weight are reduced or disappear.

More information: Bariatrics.

To get a full-fledged result for weight reduction, AIWA Clinic offers bariatric surgeries, nutritionist consultations, post-surgery rehabilitation and plastic surgery in one place.

Patients can pay for healthcare services in installments, more information:

*AIWA Clinic līdz 31.12.2023. stomach reduction and transformation surgery or bariatric surgery attion for the same price – 3950 Eur (for LV residents).

 The priceincludes: anesthetist (264 Eur), anesthesiologist and dietician consultations (45 Eur and  77 Eur), analyzes after surgery and 2 bed days in hospital.

Medical institution code:  0100-64120.