Effective and non-invasive diagnostics method


Digital radiography is a modern type of X-ray that produces high-quality images with a digital detector system. Digital radiography is non-invasive, secure and it enables doctors to obtain precise information about the patient’s health condition in a short period. 

What kind of examination is possible with digital radiography technology?

Lung and heart radiography
Nose and sinus X-ray
Bone, joint and spine X-rays

This examination is available for patients from 18 years of age.

More about digital X-ray

Traditional X-ray imaging uses traditional photographic film, in turn, digital X-ray imaging uses a digital detector system. During a digital X-ray examination, a specific area of ​​the patient’s body is irradiated with X-rays. The incoming X-rays are processed by a digital detector, which converts the received signals into computer images. It is important to note that this system is much more sensitive than the traditional X-ray technology, therefore, the patient receives a lower dose of radiation during the examination. Digital radiography provides an opportunity for the patient to receive detailed information on the health state condition in a fast and efficient manner.

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