Gynecologic Surgery

Early diagnosis of gynecological diseases is the key to a successful treatment that ensures women's health


Gynecology perhaps is the most delicate field in medicine; therefore, it is important to choose highly qualified specialists who can be trusted and who use the newest methods of diagnosis and treatment. The specialists of our clinic appreciate the individual needs and problems of each woman. We use modern equipment and offer gentle and effective solutions to maintain and recover the health of a woman’s reproductive system.

Signs you should make an appointment with a gynecologist

If you experience pain in the lower abdomen or the entire abdominal region
If menstruation suddenly becomes irregular, stronger, or longer, if spotting appears before and after menstruation, or you have bleeding between periods
If spotting occurs after intercourse, if you are experiencing excessive or painful urination, or you have excessive bloating

If you have any complaints, don’t postpone your gynecologist appointment! We use modern methods of ultrasound examination, which are used to detect uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, polyps, and other diseases. The sooner these diseases are detected, the more effective the treatment will be!

AIWA Clinic – modern gynecologic surgery and procedures

The team of highly qualified specialists and modern technologies in surgery allows us to conduct treatment following international standards. The women’s reproductive health is an important part of public health in general, as it affects the health of the next generation, fertility, and also, undoubtedly, determines how a woman feels in her body and realizes her female potential. AIWA Clinic specialists provide modern care and a wide range of gynecological surgeries and procedures.

Uterine cavity abrasion (diagnostic or therapeutic)

This procedure is used in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. Uterine cavity abrasion is a treatment during which tissue samples are taken from the uterus and the cervical canal. The obtained samples are subsequently analyzed. An abrasion may also be carried out to relieve the uterus of malignant growths. This treatment provides materials for a histological examination, which is vital for obtaining a precise diagnosis.

Pregnancy termination (abortion) at the clinic is provided under the procedures stipulated by legislation, providing women with full information including potential consequences for health. Pregnancy terminations are also conducted at the clinic for patients with complicated gynecological anamnesis.

This disease is more common in sexually active women. Bartholin’s gland, which provides moisture to the vagina, becomes inflamed and promotes cyst formation. Removal of a Bartholin gland cyst is the most effective way to deal with this cyst.

Hysteroresectoscopy is a medical procedure that takes place under general anesthetic and is performed using optical equipment that allows us to receive video images from the uterine cavity, thereby identifying pathologies and accurately determining the diagnosis. During the surgery, it is possible to effectively and accurately remove polyps, the uterine mucosa, intrauterine septa, and adhesions, as well as perform other necessary procedures.

Our highly qualified specialists, using the most modern technologies and the latest treatment methods, offer intimate plastic surgeries. For woman choosing intimate plastic surgery it is important both to receive quality treatment, and to keep it discreet – that is provided by the AIWA Clinic team of professionals.

Aesthetic intimate surgeries for women are becoming increasingly requested. It is a modern solution for women who want to improve their health, appearance and comfort in their intimate zone. The surgery can both prevent discomfort and improve the quality of intimate life.

Intimate plastic surgery does not require a long recovery and leaves actually no visible scars. The AIWA Clinic team of highly qualified specialists and modern technologies allow us to provide treatment in accordance with international standards.

Intimate plastic surgery – labiaplasty

The size of the labia minora is reduced eliminating the discomfort it causes during daily activities.

Surgical removal of formations in perineum area

Surgical removal of various unwanted formations such as papilloma, warts, fibroids, birthmarks that help prevent aesthetic problems and discomfort.

Surgical correction of scars in perineum area

Surgical correction of scars in perineum area is recommended to remove scar tissue that causes discomfort and interferes with the enjoyment of sex life fully. This is caused by a rupture or episiotomy after labour that create scarring while healing.

Laparoscopic surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive examination and the medical treatment method, during which a laparoscope is inserted through a small incision in the wall of the abdomen. This method allows us to make an accurate diagnosis of various gynecological diseases. If necessary, laparoscopy is used to conduct a medical procedure involving the removal of a cyst or separation of adhesions. During laparoscopic surgery, a tissue sample can be taken for further examination.

Diagnostic gynecologic laparoscopy is a minimally invasive method of surgical examination, with which we can diagnose various diseases of the pelvic organs, as well as take tissue samples of the uterus, fallopian tubes, or ovaries for further research. This method involves the introduction of a special optical medical device – a laparoscope – into the abdominal cavity through the abdominal wall.

Laparoscopy of the ovaries and fallopian tubes is performed to remove ovarian cysts or fallopian tubes formations. This is a minimally invasive and one of the most sparing methods when an ovarian cyst is removed during laparoscopic surgery with the ability to save the ovary. The surgery is performed by using small incisions in the abdomen, through which modern surgical instruments, an optical camera is inserted. The main advantage of this method is smaller wounds and quicker recovery. Typically, patients can go home the same or the next day after this type of gynecologic surgery. 

During laparoscopic surgery, a contrast agent is injected into the uterine cavity, controlling its distribution through the fallopian tubes. During the gynecologic surgery, video is being recorded. Thus, infertility is diagnosed.

Removal of the uterus with or without the cervix, removal of myoma nodules with preserving the uterus.

During gynecologic surgery, it is possible to remove adhesions in the pelvis, which can occur, for instance, after various inflammations or surgeries. They can be removed surgically using the laparoscopic method, during which you can simultaneously check the permeability of the fallopian tubes.

Gynecological laparotomy surgery is performed in the case of very large uterine fibroids or ovarian cysts when the use of small laparoscopic instruments is impossible. A cross-section is made in the lower abdomen, which is then sutured with a cosmetic suture, which provides a good cosmetic effect. The patient can return home on the second or third day after such an operation.

Removal of benign formations and papilloma of the external genital organs

Removing formations that are on the skin of the external genitalia, suturing wounds with cosmetic sutures for a good cosmetic effect.

AIWA Clinic

AIWA Clinic – high-quality gynecologic surgery

Gynecology includes not only the prevention and monitoring of pregnancy but is also actively involved in the treatment of diseases. Medication is not always suitable, and in many cases, gynecologic surgery is required to prevent female reproductive health problems that could jeopardize her life, affect her ability to become pregnant and give birth, and also cause discomfort and pain.

Modern and minimally invasive treatment in gynecology is important to minimize the effects of surgery. Gynecological surgery at AIWA Clinic is carried out using the latest and most contemporary surgical methods and the best equipment, which allows reducing postoperative consequences without reducing or affecting the reproductive functions of women.

Gynecological diseases can develop under the influence of various factors, therefore only a professional gynecologist can best assess the situation. Only after conducting all the examinations and analyzes, we can decide on the most suitable treatment, if necessary, prescribing gynecological surgery. If you want to quickly and effectively solve reproductive health problems, consult our clinic for the advice!

AIWA Clinic – our greatest value is patient satisfaction

Since in our time women are faced with an increasing number of gynecological diseases, such as uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, ovarian cysts, and other diseases, it is very important to contact the appropriate specialists promptly. Our clinic offers both diagnostics and various gynecological surgeries to solve female reproductive health problems. We provide the highest standards of comfort and modern surgical techniques. Apply for a consultation with our specialists right now and take care of your health!

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