Dopplerography (Duplex)

Dopplerography is an examination of blood vessels with ultrasound


Dopplerography is a technique for ultrasound examination of vascular circulation. The equipment illustrates the anatomical images of the examined structures as well as determines the direction of blood flow, its uniformity, the nature of the changes. It helps to diagnose the disease and also to detect signs of the disease at its earliest stages.

Are there any restrictions on performing Dopplerography?

Dopplerography examinations have no limitations or contraindications. It is a painless and safe method of diagnosis, requiring minimal preparation. The procedure does not use ionizing radiation, therefore it is possible to perform an unlimited number of examinations to a patient at any age.

Dopplerography - timely diagnosis of a successful treatment process

Apply for Dopplerography and AIWA Clinic professional specialists will provide you with the highest level of medical care and diagnostics, as well as an individual and effective communication process.

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