Green corridor in case of suspicion of oncological diseases also during Covid-19 emergency

If oncological disease is suspected, the patient should have state-funded examinations as soon as possible in order to start treatment in time and achieve better treatment results. In this case, so-called Green Corridor functions in health care.

AIWA Clinic provides these services as part of the Green Corridor. Patients and their family doctors need to know the following:

  • The Green Corridor algorithm applies to the first-time patients with suspected oncological disease.
  • It is important that the family doctor indicates the appropriate code when referring for a primary diagnostic examination for a malignancy.
  • A family doctor applies for a consultation with a specialist who provides secondary diagnostic of malignancies.

The following initial examinations are being performed within the Green Corridor at the AIWA Clinic:

  • Endoscopic examinations: fibrogastroscopy and fibrocolonoscopy;
  • Radiological examinations: computed tomography of the lungs and abdominal organs (with or without intravenous contrast) and lung X-ray.

Medical institution code: 0100-64120

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