Considering the high level of interest about bariatric surgeries at the International Center of Bariatric Excellence, we are extending the period of the special offer.

Stomach reduction surgery or bariatric surgery at a special price of only 3380 EUR upon presenting VESELĪBA card (regular price – 4043 EUR).*

The cost not includes anaesthesia (264 EUR), anaesthesiologist and nutritionist consultations (45 EUR and 77 EUR), post-operative tests, two bed-days in the hospital and as well as preoperative examinations.

Benefits of bariatric surgery:

  • prospect of weight loss up to 80% within 24 months
  • improved physical well-being
  • in 60% of cases, the patient recovers from type II diabetes
  • risk of joint, heart and blood vessel diseases decreases
  • most obesity-related diseases are reduced or eliminated.

Bariatric surgery is a modern, safe and effective treatment method for obesity and metabolic disorders.

Learn more about bariatrics: International Center of Bariatric Excellence

To achieve better outcome for weight loss, AIWA Clinic provides bariatric surgeries, nutritionist consultations, post-operative rehabilitation, and plastic surgery all in one location.

* Special offer at AIWA Clinic is valid for Latvia residents from 01.01.2024 until 30.06.2024 upon presenting VESELĪBA card.

Patients can pay for healthcare services in instalments. More information:

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