X-ray of the respiratory and skeletal system after Covid-19

AIWA Clinic offers a wide range of pulmonary and bone X-ray diagnostics, which is currently especially relevant for patients who have developed Covid-19 and are trying to prevent the consequences of the disease.

By performing examinations at AIWA Clinic, you will be able to quickly and efficiently obtain detailed information about the health status of your body. With us, it is possible to perform examinations without waiting in a long line.

When is an X-ray of the respiratory and skeletal system needed?

  • To assess the consequences of Covid-19 disease
  • For early diagnosis of lung cancer
  • Before scheduled operations
  • In cases of chronic lung disease
  • To determine the symptoms of injury

A doctor’s referral for an X-ray of the lung and bone system is required.

In Aiwa Clinic, X-ray diagnostics are performed by high-level medical staff using the latest technology, so the examinations are minimally invasive and patient-friendly.

AIWA Clinic also offers other tests with the latest generation of diagnostic equipment:

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